Advice for Spending Lots of Time Together

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For the last three years Mrs Ram and I have spent lots of time together.  Because of that, one of our friends sent a link to an article with tips to help couples spend 24/7 with each other during periods where we are advised not to go out.

Our thoughts on their advice are detailed below.

Mrs Ram always said she married me because I make her laugh.  I can’t help it if I look funny.

Resolve Conflict Quickly
Sometimes we have found its better to let some conflicts go over night or simmer for a day or so.  Sometimes we realize that whatever we were disagreeing about is really not that important.  Other times we have calmed down and realize that it is worth arguing over and can hash things out better.

Of course spending any amount of time in the van while we are mad makes for a much less enjoyable day.  Especially if its raining.

Daily Emotional Check ins
Shut up, man up , deal with it … There.  Emotional check in done.

Regular Family Business Meetings
“Do we still have enough money to buy gas, food, liquor and wine?”  If yes, then meeting adjourned.

Create Physical Boundaries
When we are in the van there is just not enough space for any boundaries.  Of course now we are supposed to have a 6’ft social distancing.  I think that will mean only one of us can be in the van at a time.

When we are in more traditional living setting (such as a rented condo) we can have real boundaries between like walls and doors.  No need to create boundaries.

Go On Dream Dates
A date?  I think we call that Happy Hour here in Florida.  Wait – the bars aren’t serving liquor?  I still do not need to dream.  The liquor stores here are well stocked and we have plenty of alcohol in house.


Despite all of this good advice it is still prudent for me to remember those important words that a stranger told me long ago.  He said they would help in times of struggle like this.  Those words  were, “Yes dear, I’m sorry.”  y en espanol?  “Si querirda, los siento”


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