And so it begins… again

#vanlife .

With both of us being fully vaccinated we were ready to hit the road. Our van Sparty and our stuff was not.

We had been stationary for over a year and even had a condo that came full of stuff. Now we had to separate the stuff that needs to travel with us from the stuff that stayed in the condo.

Our short trip to North helped but we had intentionally taken as little as possible so we could retrieve some of our things from storage.

A week before leaving we started packing clothes and putting things in boxes. Every drawer we opened would be asked, “Does anything here belong in Sparty?”

We loaded everything into Sparty and we’re surprised that we had lots of extra space. That made us wonder, ” What are we forgetting?”

We had moved several things to the back door area – ladder, oars and golf bags. But pushed everything underneath our bed forward. We did not think it would save any spare just make them easier to access

We assume that after a week of travel we will figure out what we forgot. Until then we are enjoying that the extra space let us bring a second box of liquor and more beer and wine.

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