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Our travels have been a mix of back roads and highway.  We usually do not stumble across many I interesting things on the highway.  The Archway was an exception.
The Archway Museum spans I-80 in Kearney  Nebraska (and that is pronounced like that hospital in Dorchester or those people who run the merry go round, not the way it looks)
At first I thought the "over the highway" gimmick would be the better part of this attraction but it turns out to be a well done exhibit about westward expansion.  And they also had a tiny window at the end so you could look down on the highway.  With a radar detector mounted in the window you could see how many people thought the posted speed limit was a suggestion.
Mrs Ram had a long conversation with the Archway greeter (She is on the left in the photo).
There was also a statue of two boys that escaped an Indian attack but but were skewered together by arrows

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