Bagging Two Florida Peaks

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After a year in the low lands of Florida (that would be most of Florida) we were ready to start hiking again.  And what better way to do that than by scaling some of the tallest mountains in Florida.

Our first one, Sandy Mountain, presented us with several challenges including a bridge out and Sandy trails.  Closed bridgeSandy trailSparty handily over came those challenges and brought us to the base of the mountain

After a 45 second climb to the 295 ft peak, we were rewarded with a breath taking view of… Sparty. 

We also has plenty if sand in our shoes too.Sandy Mountain
From there Sparty made the ardous trek to the base of Florida highest point, Britton Hill.  From the parking lot it was difficult 30 second walk…I mean hike to the 345 ft peak.

Florida high point
Now that we have climbed these towering mountains in Florida, maybe we can hike the Florida Mountains.  They are located in New Mexico.

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