Banff – Bad Weather and Good Luck

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When we left Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, the forecast looked grim. Rain and cold. Driving through Banff and moving in to warmer weather seemed like a good choice.

A quick stop in Banff, see Lake Louise and on toward Kelowna was our plan. When we arrived it seemed everyone was headed to the town of Banff. It wasn’t raining yet so maybe we could get a campsite! It was noon so the chances of a site being available were effectively zero but we are optimists so we headed to the closest first come campground, Castle Mountain.

As we pulled in, Mr Ram saw two guys and a white truck to the left. Assuming one of them was the camp host Mr Ram walked over and inquired about a site. The taller, younger man said the one they were in front of was available.

We rolled into the site and filled out a tag. No other sites were available. In fact this site had not been available until a minute before we rolled in. The older gentleman with the white truck had tagged the site the day before. He then found another site and forgot to pull the tag from the first one.

Later in the afternoon we finally got into Banff, a crowded, tourist town.

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