Campground, Rest Area and a Ram Restaurant

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After leaving Heaven’s Gate we headed for a state forest campground. It was a mid week so we thought we had a good chance of getting a spot. What we did not realize was the Ponderosa State Park and Campground was close enough to Boise to be a popular summer destination.

“Oh no the campground is full” was the response when we stopped at the entrance. Since the park entrance fee was only $5 we thought we might grab a shower. However there were additional charges for showers making it $11. We opted to move on.

As the sun set, the Rams could not agree on which campground ahead would be best for the night. Mr Ram thought a low cost National Forest site would be fine for one night. Mrs Ram wanted a shower and the next RV Campground had showers. We stopped at the Chalet RV Campground. (that is the one that had showers)

Often RV campgrounds are filled with massive class A motorhomes and a huge 5th wheel trailers. Sparty is uncomfortable when he is smaller than other campers towed vehicles. However this campground found a spot for us between a truck camper and a tiny Airstream. Sparty did not feel too small.

We showered, slept well and headed for Boise and 100F heat. Mrs Ram wanted that air conditioning that large box retailers and malls had lots of. We figured on a brew pub for dinner and could not pass up one named Ram Restaurant and Brewery.


Several hours of drinking and eating still left us with a few hours of sunlight and heat. We headed east trying to make that sun set just a little bit faster. Once it was dark we stopped at the Timmerman Rest Area. Idaho lets you stay for up to 16 hours if you are not on an interstate. And it was a flat, quiet spot that we shared with a couple of tractor trailers three cars and a truck camper.

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