Check Engine

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Recently our van Sparty has felt that we have been neglecting him.  Sure we got him new tires and brakes.  However with the pause in our travels, we were no longer taking him exciting places and spending months at a time with him.

He believed he needed to give us a sign so that we knew how he felt.  That sign said, “Check Engine”.   Yet like most who are feeling neglected its was hard to decipher what that sign really meant.  Was it just a minor problem that we could work out over time?  Or a potentially debilitating or life threatening situation?

We knew we needed professional help.

A nearby professional named O’Reily was able to diagnose his ailment – a P0302 #2 Misfire. Daytona Ram confirmed that as long as that check engine light was not flashing, the problem was not serious.

Now we wait for our appointment to help Sparty resolve his issues.

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