Chiricahua and Camp Fun

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When we pulled up to our site, it was a steep angle with a turn. And if we parked where we would normally park, we would be facing the group in the next site. After moving the picnic table we were able to squeeze Sparty in to the the top of the site between a large rock and the grill

The large group with teens in the next site concerned us but we had placed the van so that we each had some privacy.

As we were finishing dinner, Bentley and Jase came up from the site next door with a plate of watermelon. They also asked if we wanted to join them for some skits they were performing.

The skits were religious but unfamiliar. One of them talked of Lamanites. To me it sounded like a name made up by a teenager possibly to describe adults or uncool friends.

Maria let us know that the skits were stories from the book of Mormon. Lamanites were one of the ancient tribes of Israel who settled in the Americas.

We also sang camp songs with Maria playing the accordion. Second Story Window and Hermy the Wormy reminded of fun times we were involved with Scouting

We would love to have shared some of our old favorites but we could not remember all if the words to Shaving Cream, Aroostasha, The Moose, and a Pizza Hut.

Next time we will be ready.

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