Competing Drawers near Greensboro

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We had heard the largest chest of drawers was near where we were staying in High Point near Greensboro.

As we were driving there Mrs Ram shouts out, “There it is.” Mr Ram just didn’t understand what she said. The Garmin said there was still several miles to their destination.

Mr Ram was insistent that they had passed it so he turned around.

Sitting at the light to enter the Furniture South parking lot it was clear she was right.

This massive chest of drawers had to be 50 feet tall.

We expected that the people in the store would be able to full us in on this mammoth piece of furniture. Surprisingly they had no clue and even seemed surprised that we were asking about it.

When we started driving again our GPS was continuing to direct us. We eventually ended up at the supposed official largest chest of drawers.

Mr Ram thought it was clearly smaller than the first on. Mrs Ram suggest it was a draw(er).

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