Fern the Bus, Instagram and Twitter

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When we were in the Badlands of South Dakota we met a couple who were traveling in a recently converted school bus named Fern The Bus.  Those conversions are usually called skoolies.

Like us they were posting about their travels.  Unlike us they were doing their blogging on Instagram.

In 2017, we had a blog but no Twitter or Instagram account.  Last year we added a Twitter account and now have over 50 followers!  (If you have a twitter account, log on and follows us.  I am hoping to get to 100 followers by June…or the end of 2019…or whenever).

This winter I signed up for an Instagram account.  Then discovered that Instagram is set up to be accessed only on a phone.  A quick search on Google turned up ways to make your computer browser act like a phone.  Now I have started  posting there and if you have one of those accounts you can follows us there as well.

I have found it odd that I have had a Twitter account for over a year but only recently topped 50 followers.  I have been on Instagram for 3 months and have only posted a handful pictures yet I have 62 followers.

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