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Mr. Ram’s aunt passed away and we returned to Massachusetts.

Flying could be an enjoyable event.  Airlines, TSA, the weather and others conspire to make it as challenging as possible.

Our first challenge was where do we fly from.  Checking a map we saw several possibilities:  Jackson, Billings, Bozeman and Salt Lake.  Finding an inexpensive flight at a feasible time is usually easy.  Pop onto the internet, a quick search, click click and you are on you way.  Not so if you are in Yellowstone.

After several failed attempts to connect with our phones (see cell service) we stopped at the Canyon Lodge and paid $5 for one hour of internet – one hour of really slow internet.  I was surprised it did not come on with this sound. (All of us old computer users remember that one)

A second 1 hour allowed us to actually buy tickets.

We parked Sparty in the parking lot at the Bozeman Airport.   The first leg of our United flight was fine, until a storm rolled through Chicago.  We were sent to Madison to wait you the storm.
When the pilot received clearance to head to Chicago, he requested some fuel.  For some reason the nozzle would not fit into the filler.  We then had the fun of “deplaning”.

After 3 hours or so and a few high priced drinks, they finally said they had gotten fuel into the plane.  We then had the joy of”replaning”. We had done this once already so it should be easy – line us up and scan us in. Except for some reason United could not do that.

We did our part and all lined up.  The gate agent had a long computer print out – you know the wide ones with holes on the side and all the pages connected together. With a pencil in hand she asked,”Last name?”. She shuffled pages and crossed off a name. Then “Last name?” …..

Eventually we were all on and zipping to Chicago.  Except our flight to Boston left Chicago about when we left Madison.

But United was thoughtful.  They rebooked us…on two different flights… the next day.  So off to the very long customer service line to get tickets that make sense.

As we are standing in line, Mrs Ram notices a flight nearby going to Boston and it’s boarding now! She went to the gate and asks if they might have room for us.  After a few minutes Mrs Ram gives me a wave and i leave that long customer service line that has gotten much longer.

Sitting on that plane to Boston we wonder when our checked luggage will get to Boston.  Apparently the United luggage people had enough sense to put our luggage on the next available flight rather than on random flights the next day.  I wish those guys were in charge of ticketing instead of luggage.

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  1. Thank you so much for making the tremendous effort to get back for my mother’s services. All our love, Katherine.

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