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For years we have seen things listed about the dinosaur footprints near Mount Tom.  I guess I have never really believed they were there. Mrs Ram had read some reviews that said they were not really any big deal.  But we were driving by so stopping was not an inconvenience.

The parking area is small but there were only a couple of cars there when we arrived so it was easy to park.  There is a fairly short walk to the foot print location.  I will say we were both unimpressed with the dimpled rocks we were walking on.  “Is this a footprint?  Is that maybe a toe?”  But as you continue to search, patterns arose.  Smaller prints, larger 3 toed ones.  Then you realize one of them had walked across this area millions of years ago and you can clearly see his trail across what was once mud.

Probably the most interesting thing here is once you see the tracks is that you can stand where the dino stood.  These tracks are not behind glass in a display and they are not some recreated plaster cast in a museum.  They are right there where you can see them and imagine the dinosaurs running through the mud near the Connecticut River.

If you have a half a dozen 7 year olds you want to entertain, bring them here and get them started with a few tracks.  I suspect their imagination will quickly take over and they will be lost in the prehistoric worlds of dinosaurs.  Just make sure they don’t wander onto the tracks while an Amtrak train is passing by,