Large Cross

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We are suckers for really big things.  East of Palo Duro Canyon State Park off of I-40, there are lots of big windmills. But we have seen plenty of those before. However as we drove along, one of those windmills did not seem quite right.  We finally realized it was not an odd windmill – it was a large cross.Large cross

We took exit 112 towards Groom and the large cross.  Doubling back on County Road 2 we found that large cross on the site of The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries. Unlike some large things such as New Salem Sue, there was more here. The site included statues for the Stations of the Cross surrounding the large cross. There was a display of the last supper and a depiction of the crucifixion. And of course a gift shop.

Last Supper and Crucification at the Large Cross

Pontius Pilote Washing His Hands at the Large Cross

After wandering the site, snapping a few pictures, saying a few prayers and visiting that gift shop, we headed out through the center of Groom. The best part of downtown Groom was the sign.Groom TX Sign

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