Laundry at Palo Duro

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We have tried several ways to do laundry. A dry bag was our first try. The hanging bucket suggest by John Steinbeck seemed like it would end up making a mess.

Most times we hand wash socks and underwear. Sometimes we might hand wash other items but we usually just saved things up until we were at a place that had washing machines.

After 4 days at Cap Rock no showers because of untreated water we had lots of laundry. We figured we would try the old fashioned way: a bucket and soap.After several days of .

Once we were cleaned we put all if our clothes in the bucket from our porta potty.

Most times that bucket had a bag in it so it’s clean.

We checked the state park regulations and there was nothing against putting up a clothesline.

This would have been perfect except for that late afternoon and evening rain. The clothes ended up hung all over the inside of the van.

Little did we know that storm was just a taste of things to come.

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