Nomads, Coronavirus and a Place to Shelter in Place

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I just read an article that Florida Governor DeSantis is banning vacation rentals over the next two weeks.  It’s in response to a possible in flux if people from New Orleans into the Panhandle.  However the rental ban did not say it was limited to the Panhandle.

Since we are currently in a vacation rental we wonder if this order will effect us.

Our plan was to head north to Massachusetts in about a month.  However Massachusetts is under a shelter in place order, is advising against traveling there and is strongly urging a 14 day quarantine if you do travel there now.  Who knows what will happen in the next  month.

We did have to laugh at this.  There is a real possibility that Florida will not let us stay but Massachusetts will not take us back.
These Rams may need to move back into their van Sparty and head west to BLM land sooner than they thought.

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2 thoughts on “Nomads, Coronavirus and a Place to Shelter in Place”

  1. We did receive a note from our rental agent, Candy. Florida is ok with us staying. As for Massachusetts? I have always had a suspicion that state really did not want us back.

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