Nomads in the Age of Coronavirus

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When we arrived in Florida in December 2019, the coronavirus was not even a footnote in the news.  We had had decided that 2020 would be a year that these nomads do less day-to-day wandering about the country.  We had 4 months planned for Florida, two weeks of travel up the east coast and a return to New England.  Our big plan for May was to eschew our usual medical appointments and head to Spain!

Our month in Spain would start in Madrid.  A high speed train would take us to Codoba to see a bridge built the Romans and then on to Seville.  After a renting a car in Seville we planned a stop at the Horse Festival in Jerez de la Frontera, visit Gibraltar and possibly take a ferry to Ceuta in Africa for the day.  Driving up the south eastern coast, we would stop in Tarragona and eventually arrive in Barcelona.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus it was clear that our trip to Spain was in jeopardy.

Mr Ram cancelled hotel reservations while Mrs Ram found pet sits to fill in the new blank space in our calendar.  Add in a number days camping and we were all set…until the virus went crazy here in the US.

With campgrounds closing and our pet sits in doubt, we started looking for more permanent arrangements.  Our winter condo was available for the month of April so we would not be in a panic to move at the end of March.  We were already on a first name basis with all of the germs in out rental.  And none of them included Novel, Wuhan or Chinese.

Massachusetts was a different story.  Our usual campground said they would be open but was still booked solid.  And our favorite AirBnB had few available dates.  Fortunately (for us), so many things were cancelled that many decided to abandon their trips to New England.  And suddenly our favorite AirBnB was available and we had a place to stay for May and June.

As for our summertime?  Like many others we will need to wait and see.  We do have a return to Sedona already booked but July is unplanned.  We may find ourselves staking out spots out west on BLM land for a couple of 14 day stays if things have not improved.

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