Ralphie’s Diner- Ramapo NY

#vanlife .

Passing though New York State after 10 pm we had to stop. The Walmart in Suffern is one of the few in the area that allowed overnight parking. There was an RV and a tractor trailer already there when we arrived.

After an uneventful night’s sleep we decided to let someone else cook breakfast. Ralphie’s Diner was just a few miles down the road.

When we pulled up we saw Ralphie through the window ready for us. We sat at the counter and had coffee which we desperately needed.

Conversation with Ralphie made our morning as we talked of other travelers, struggles and joys of children and even politics. His accent let us know he was originally from the Bronx long before he told us.

As we ate and chatted, a regular wandered in and had coffee and breakfast seemingly without ever ordering.

Well fed and happy, we fired Sparty up and tackled our last day of travel to return to Massachusetts.

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