Sawtooth Tales by Dick Easum

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We picked this book up when we passed through the Sawtooth area a few years ago. Mrs Ram quickly read it passed it along to Mr Ram. After three years it finally made it to the top of the pile.

Usually a book like Sawtooth Tales, with a mix of history and folk tales, makes for interesting reading. The one on the Legend and Lore of the Guadalupe Mountains was a pleasure to read (I did forget to make note of it here in the blog though.)

The Sawtooth Tales seemed difficult to read. There were often too many names, too many places and too many events mentioned in a few paragraphs for me to keep things straight. And the author had an annoying habit of telling you the demise of character in the first paragraph of a chapter (“His death in the summer of 1878…”) Sure we are all going to die but don’t lead with that.

I also had thought that the sketches at the beginning of chapters may have been the person the chapter was about…or at least an artists representation of him. But Chapter 4 Stanley and Chapter 8 Humbolt Joe has the same sketch. Maybe they were identical twins?

By Chapter 8 I had reached my limit and passed the book along. When I mentioned this to Mrs Ram, she said, “Oh that one was difficult to read. I think skimmed most of it.”

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