Sedona Shore Leave

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Our “shore leave” is Sedona is little longer each year. This years nearly 3 month long stay was a welcome break from the Cold of Canada and from traveling in general. As much as we enjoy our time in our van Sparty, he is a tiny little box.

At Sedona we were able to join a health club and learn Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Nosotros tambien fuimos a un grupo conversacion en espanol. And for $50 we signed up for a guest card for the Sedona Library. That meant we could reserve and catch up on a number of books and DVDs.

We enjoyed golfing and Mrs Ram took some lessons.

Mrs Ram Golfing in Sedona

Mr Ram Golfing in Sedona

And hiking with little fear of ticks is one of the biggest things we like here. Mrs Ram Hiking in Sedona

Mr Ram Hiking in Sdona

MeetUp and Sedona Westerners are good groups to hike with.

And we were surprised to find good kayaking at Willow Lake in Prescott and Blue Ridge Reservoir.Willow Lake Kayaking

But all things come to end and the road called again. Yet the call was not as strong as it had been in previous years. Sparty was ready to go but we were not so sure we were ready to leave.

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