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A Good Nights Sleep

The big reason for doing this project was to have a dry, comfortable place to sleep that is not on the ground. Our bed had to be comfortable and sturdy while also providing lots of storage and enough room so we could sit up in it.

We thought about cushion arrangement, hinges and removable pieces that would allow us to convert it to something else.  We saw several conversions on-line that allow the bed to converted into a couch or dining area. We decided sleeping comfort was the most important thing and that our bed was going to be just a bed.  This Build was an inspiration for ours.

The bed is crossways over the wheel wells with supports to get it the correct height to store two standard bankers boxers high under it..  I built the supports from 2x4 wood that I had leftover form other projects.  The platform is made from (2) sheets of 3/4 plywood cut to approximately 74 x 27. We found placing the plywood on the supports was too flexible so I added (4) steel angle pieces from Home Depot.  They were 72" long so they did not need to be cut.  This improved it significantly but still had more flex than we wanted so I ended up screwing the plywood to the supports.

For the bed we bought a Full Size Serta foam mattress that we really like.

On to the Walls, etc