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Some Fresh Air

I was not certain that I wanted a roof fan - I hate putting holes in a roof. But after reviewing it here I was convinced.

I opted for the MaxxFan 4500k. It has the automatic opening with a remote and it will close if it starts raining. I had this installed in the front flat area rather than in the back. I know you can get adapters to make it fit the ribbing but I preferred to install in a flat area of the roof that looks like its made for a sunroof. Like the windows I had this installed by Boston Truck and Van.

When driving at 70 mph I can hear a slight amount of noise form it if I really listen for it.

One thing that is annoying is the LED to let you know it is in Automatic mode - it is very bright.  Some paper and and tape mute the brightness so we can sleep.

And speaking of sleeping....