Traveling with Pets

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Visiting Mrs Ram’s cousin made us think about pets and travel again.  We do not have any pets with us (as long as you do not count Buzz, our occasional fly).  Our last dog, Jade, wisely decided to opt out of our Nomadic lifestyle and moved in with our friends.

Our ex-pet Jade

However we do see lots of people traveling with pets.  Many have a cat or two or a small dog.  A few have had larger dogs.   And there was this guy with the parrot.  Apparently his wife did not like the parrot so he put it in their RV and went for a ride so she wouldn’t have to listen to it.  When we bumped into him, he hadn’t been home in 3 years.

One consideration is keeping your pets cool or warm as you travel.  Having power and permanent heater/air conditioner will make the feel comfortable when you need leave them behind.

And you will need to leave them behind if you visit many of the National Parks.  In many parks the rules do not allow pets on trails.  When we were in Glacier National Park one person was fined $500 for taking his dog out on a hiking trail.

Another issue is how do you handle a sick or injured pet while you are on the road?  In many ways you do not want to just pick a veterinarian out of the phone book (just a reminder of the OLD in Old Mass Rambler – you can Google or Bing for a vet as well.)

Ideally you have a relationship with a vet who can work with you where ever your travels take you.  And your vet can help get your pets medications to you wherever you are by mail.

If you spend any time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you might want to consider contacting our friend Dr Pam or visit her AAHA accredited Animal Hospital.  You can also check out her blog. And if you need a vet in other areas check this resource.

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