Visiting Sculptor Waddell

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Mrs Ram is budding artist and she enjoys seeing other peoples art work.  When Mrs Ram saw a tour for a local sculptor advertised in the Kudos,  she signed us up.

We met at the Goldenstein Gallery near the center of Sedona and caravan-ed from there to John Waddell‘s Studio outside of west of Sedona in the dessert.  The leader of our caravan drove a Dodge minivan that quickly disappeared in the distance.  We were lucky that a very easy to spot yellow car was following that van.

Most of sculptures were of nude women which Mr Ram did not mind.


Mrs Ram even found a few worth photographing.

Mrs Ram takes a picture

The studio was a large building that housed several works in progress as well as a number of paintings.  John Waddell and his wife joined us in the studio and we enjoyed meeting them.


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