What’s in Your Water

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As we have traveled we have only occasionally considered what might be in the water we drink. At Many Pines the color of the water gave us pause but it tasted ok so we did not hesitate to stay there 4 days drinking that yellow water.

A new friend in Sedona suggested that lots of bad things could be lurking in the water we drink. Chlorine, fluoride and remnants of radiation from nuclear blasts.

We usually drink whatever comes out of the tap or campground spigot and wondered if maybe we should be doing somethings different. Yet as we thought about it, many of those places have been in remote locations that likely contains no additives.

But are those additives really bad for you? There are lots of articles on line that would say yes. However the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case Mrs Rams meds. Three years with less additives has meant a steady decrease in Mrs Rams thyroid medication.

Mrs Ram’s friend suggested water from a spring north of Sedona would be best.

We took every container we had and headed north.

Luckily it’s a fast flowing spring and we quickly filled up .

That water lasted us about a week and tasted great.

As we head out on the road again I can see being more careful about our water supply and filtering anything that tastes treated. And with less chemicals maybe Mrs Ram can get off her thyroid meds.

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