White Van Warning

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Late last year there were warnings about that a white van may be targeting you.  Facebook had posts that men were abducting women using white vans.  The Mayor of Baltimore even issued a warning not to park near white vans.

The only problems with this was that there no sudden rush of abductions by people using  white vans.

If you do an internet search for white van warnings or abductions, you will find a number of articles.  But if you take “white” out of your search, you also find a number of abductions and attempted abductions using blue vans or vans of undescribed color.  And there also a number of abductions or attempts using trucks and cars.  And for more details on this how crazy this warning is you may want to check out this blog.

So this another case of being careful of anything you read on the internet.  And should you believe anything you read in a Facebook posts?  (well if it is an Old Mass Rambler post its probably ok)

As for Sparty, he is blissfully unaware of all the fuss.  But if people want to heed the advice of the Baltimore mayor by not parking near white vans, he does not mind having the extra space.

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