Wichita Wilderness

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As we drove up from Wichita Falls, TX, we saw the “mountains” of the wilderness area rising above the plains. When an area is relatively flat, a bump of a few hundred feet seems big.

From the map, our Doris Campground site reservation in the Wichita Wilderness appeared to be on the water. It was not.

If you squint and look really hard you can see the water through the trees.

Mrs Rams had hoped for a site like the one at Lake Roosevelt where we could put the kayaks in. The camp host said the campground design is intentional to be beneficial to the animals, not the humans.

And there are lots of animals. Buffalo surrounded the entrance road and a long horn bull guarded the visitors center.

We saw foot prints of elk in the mud of the campground but never actually saw them.

And since I mentioned mud, there was a lot of it because it rained for a few days. And this was not your average mud. It would stick to the bottom and side of you sneaker or boot – just like dog doo. And you needed to remove it the same way – with a stick and rubbing it on the grass. Memories of childhood I did not need to recall.

Once we found the access, we enjoyed kayaking Quanah Parker Lake. Then we checked out the dam.

As with any remote area, it took a while to figure out how far from our campsite we needed to go for good signal. It turns it was the first set of signs after you enter the wilderness area. This gave Mr Ram a nice 10 mike bike ride.

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