Winchester Lake Is For The Birds

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The campground at this state park offered one of the things we needed the most at this point in our journey – elevation.  Since leaving Banff we had drifted below 3000 feet. Mr Ram was surprised to find that there many campgrounds in eastern Washington and Idaho with elevations under 2000 feet.

We were headed to Heavens Gate and 8400 feet and did not want to climb to high too fast.  Last year we went up in elevation too fast when we went to Zapata Falls and Mrs Ram suffered from altitude sickness.

The women at the entrance to Winchester State Park wanted us to find a site and see her in the morning to pay for it. I got the feeling we arrived at quitting time.

They next day we put our kayaks in and discovered the water was full of yuck and had large bird poops floating on the water. We washed up well when we got out.

Love that dirty water

We shared a bottle of fine Kelowna wine with an Idaho couple that were just starting their travels in the class C. And we enjoyed chatting with a couple from Utah that were hiking with their two sons.  They were staying at place we knew had to pass by.  It was a hotel in the shape of a very large…

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