Yankee Go Home?

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As a Boston Native I have never been a fan of Yankees.  I have always preferred to see them go home after loosing three games to the Sox at Fenway.  Yet some southerns see little distinction between one part of the north and another.  In the south often all us northerners are Yankees.

With the increasing number of Coronavirus cases here in Florida its not unexpected that some locals are concerned when northerners try escaping their germ infested states and come here.  Some may say, “Florida is just as bad if not worse!”  Only time will tell if that is true.

We, and many others here, have been practicing our social distancing and having happy hour at home.  Ok so happy hour starts right after breakfast but that’s a different issue.


Things may be getting more difficult for us Nomads.  I have wondered about staying here in Florida or heading back to Massachusetts.  Many Massachusetts businesses are shut down. We would be required to self quarantine and friends and family will likely not want to see us.

Heading north does not seem appealing.

But we are getting nudges that some Floridians may not want us here.  New Yorkers recently arrived to oversee work being done on the unit in the condo complex we are in.  The workers promptly left the unit and refused to continue to work with them there.

Also as I headed out for a bike ride (which is currently allowed here), a driver, seeing me leave from our place that often has northern tourists, yelled “Go Home.”

That Clash song, Should I Stay or Should I Go, continues to run through our heads.

And I wonder if having Massachusetts plates on Sparty might be a problem.  Of course it could be worse.  Sparty could have New York plates.

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