#vanlife .

Logically people will need to ask some questions first.  Then, once enough people have asked questions, we can then determine which ones are more frequently asked.  Then we can list them here.

So until then we will just list a few of the ones people might be wondering about.

What’s your return policy?

If you will give us a piece of your yard and a place to plug in we will return

Do you go to P.O. boxes?

No. They are too small for our van and usually will not let us plug in.

How can I be removed from your list?

Move and leave no forwarding address.  Otherwise we will find you

Do you really have a newsletter?

Maybe.  Its a block that came with the form.  However there is apparently some demand for one so we may in the future.  We do send out emails from time to time letting people know there are updates.  If you wanted to added to our email, email us.

Why are there so many spelling errors?

I swear my spell checker hates me.  There are always spelling errors until Mrs Ram proof reads things.  So if there are spelling errors, you are reading unfiltered Mr. Ram.

Do you have a disclaimer?

Sure do.  This site is for our and your amusement.  Just because we did it does not make it right or right for you or even right for us. Your mileage may vary.  Professional driver closed course.  Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.  Contents may be hot...