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Anything that does not seem to fit on other pages on this site will end up here.  And I have been told that most people who visit websites never click on the pages with "other" odd stuff.  So if you are reading this you are a unique individual.  Hopefully there is something here that makes your visit worthwhile.

Web Resources

Scouring the internet for information turns up lots of things, not all of them useful or interesting.  Check here for the ones we liked.

Other People Wandering Around

Creative Animal Tour  We met them at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.

Nick Jones Loves You - tour the country on a bike?

Parkwell Project - Live and work in a bus?


Sandra and John Scott - we met this couple in Aruba sitting on the beach in front of the Holiday Inn.  Sandra and her husband enjoy traveling and wrting about their experiences.  Catch up on Sandra's blog here.

Roaming Robos - An article in Bicycling Magazine noted that they spent 14 months driving around.  I like how they had the bikes inside the van.


Other People With Blogs

Remember When  We met at MiCasa at St Augustine

Geogypsy  Ranger at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with some great pictures

Get me out a here

Own a truck and just want to go? Check here.

Reading List

I know who reads actual books.  We do but we are old people.  If you are interested in reading books check out these:

Hitting the Road

Travels with Charley

Blue Highways

Local Interest



Merkin Vineyard