Heavens Gate and Seven Devil’s

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At the Salmon River Ranger Station we enjoyed talking with Ranger Steve about some the best places to visit in North Central Idaho. He directed us to the road that took us up to Heaven’s Gate.

The road was paved at first and we even had to wait as a road crew was working at repairing one section. About a third of the way up it turned to gravel but it was wide, well maintained gravel.

We reached the overlook and enjoyed the view with a number of friendly ATVers.Atv

When we made the turn for the Heaven’s Gate, the road was still gravel but only slightly more than one car wide. Those ATVers and one car were coming down as we were on our way up.  We did not know it at the time but people travel up that road have the right of way.  They pulled aside and waved us up.

From the Heaven’s Gate parking lot its a 1/4 mile hike to the Fire Tower where Rob and Stephanie were stationed.

Fire watch tower

Stephanie was giving the inside of the tower a new coat of paint while Rob was peering out over the forest watching for fires. Mrs Ram got a lesson in plotting fires.

Mrs Ram Lesson

View of 7 devil's

We drove back down that gravel road, pulling over for one up traveling car.  We checked out the Seven Devils Campground but thought we had not spent enough time at this high an altitude to stay here. We headed down to heavy air for our nights rest.

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