Impromptu Ram Van Convention

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We always enjoy seeing other Ram vans and will often wave to one going the other way if it is not a work van. As we drove towards Tree Mold Trailhead (because lava created molds of the trees- really interesting) at Craters of the Moon National Park, a couple walking on the trail next to the road gave us an enthusiastic wave.

When we entered the Tree Mold Trailhead parking lot, we suspected that couple might be the owners of the Black Ram van sitting on the end of the lot.  We parked next to their van and took a stroll around it hoping to get a peek inside and see how they modified their van.

We had our gear together and filled our water bottles when another Ram van pulled in next to us. Nonni and Zack were from Florida. Their van had an impressive white interior that looked spotless. We knew that we could never have a white interior.

We envied their shelf for books and their closet.

The couple that waved to us, Jesse and Bill, originally from Massachusetts like us, finished their walk and we were able to see their van as well.

We really liked their slide out table.

Evaline and her friend rolled up in an older Ram with an identity crisis. The front had a Ram symbol but the back thought it was a Mercedes.

Meeting people,especially other Ram van dwellers is one of the things that makes our travels fun.

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