Lewis and Clark and Nebraska

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As we left Iowa we stopped at the Lewis and Clark scenic overlook.  There were a number of windy roads our GPS chose to get us there.  We found the overlook view itself underwhelming.  The GPS then gave us more excitement on the way out as it took us under a 8′ 8″ tall overpass.  We had a foot to spare but it seemed very close.

Across the river in Omaha was a Lewis and Clark Trail Head Exhibit that was also underwhelming though the movie was very good.

Leaving Omaha and heading to Seward where we planned to stay left us thinking, “this looks like Iowa.”

Stopped at the Junto Winery.  Down a dirt road seemingly in the middle of nowhere but a beautiful place.  Owner Ben can be seen in the photo.

Seward had a town center similar to Winterset with a large building on what we New Englanders would think of as the town common and a square rotary around it with business around – think Foxboro center but with a big building in the center and way less traffic.

Since was still blistering hot we found a small gallery that served wine and soaked up some air conditioning for a while.  We also stopped to see the worlds largest time capsule buried under a pyramid.  The time capsule itself is a 1975 Chevy Vega – bleck.  Why not Delorean or a Mustang or maybe a Plymouth Satellite.

We headed over to our intended camp area to find a gravel parking lot.  It was still hot so we figured we would just keep going….




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