North Again – Lynches River County Campground

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After over a year of little travel, we knew that getting back into our van Sparty might have some challenges.  With our vaccinations,  heading north for Easter seemed like a perfect opportunity to refresh our traveling skills.

We were fortunate that our previous traveling-selves left us, their future sedentary-selves, some notes about what went into some of our currently empty boxes.

The List

After returning everything we thought belonged in our van into our van, we had to pack food. Normally everything in whatever “real” refrigerator we had been using would be moved into our refrigerator in Sparty.  After a year, there was way too much food to do that.  Fortunately we would be returning so we could leave somethings behind for now.

We also opted not to return the kayaks to the roof just yet.  Lifting them up on to the roof will be a challenge.  But its a challenge that wait a few weeks.

We have traveled along the North-South route between New England and Florida many times.  Sometimes we have  taken a week for the trip staying at several campground like Medoc or Greenbelt.  Other times we have driven through just rolling into a rest stop or Walmart for a brief nap. One of the best things that we have found that makes the trip easier is to pass though the DC to NYC corridor over night.

We had errands to run the day that we were leaving so our travels would not start till noon.  A search of RV Parky and Allstays turned up the Lynches River County Campground at about the right distance away.  The only concern was that neither site had any reviews for the campground.

We called ahead and reserved a site since we would be arriving after they closed. We asked for a private site and they assigned us number 8.  When we arrived on a Tuesday evening, we were dismayed to find it was a double site with 9. However we quickly realized that we would not need to share the camp site, or even the entire campground, with any one.

Our non electric site, costing just $10.  Sites were a mix of sand, pine needles and leaves and included a fire pit and picnic table. Showers were clean, hot and included in the price.

After a peaceful nights sleep and before continuing north, we went to check out the other attractions in the County Park and nearby (to be described in my next posts.)

Site No 8 and 9


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