Spilled Milk And Inverter Problems

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One of the ways we cope with living in such a tiny space is to have a system for doing things. Or as some may remember that mess hall at scout camp, there was a one-way system. You did not run through the line backwards because that causes accidents.

So when we get something to drink inside our van, we pour it in a cup and put the lid on. When the lid is on we are less likely to spill our drinks everywhere.

Also there is no helping inside the van. Our “kitchen” is tiny so “help” usually just makes things harder.

After years of living in our van, you would think these rules would be second nature…

We had picked up a huckleberry pie (at an astounding $29!) and figured we would eat it at Heaven’s Gate. When we got to the overlook it was time to eat. Mr Ram thought moving from the dirt road closer to the overlook would be better. Mrs Ram just wanted to eat.

After Mr Ram moved Sparty about 30 feet for a better view, Mrs Ram was not happy. And when Mrs Ram is not happy, Mr Ram is not happy.

Thinking he could smooth things over Mr Ram made some fatal mistakes. First he decided to help. He got out the milk and cups and poured milk while Mrs Ram was getting pie.

His second mistake was not putting the lids on the cups. Then he thought to help more by squeezing by Mrs Ram to get the folding table. Sitting outside with the view would’ve been perfect, right?

Annoyed, Mrs Ram backed up…and spilled the cups of milk. (Of course he blames me!- Mrs Ram)

Now they say not to cry over spilled milk. But when it runs down into the controller for the inverter, you say lots of bad words.

Mr Ram shut down the inverter and removed the controller. Taking it apart there was milk everywhere. Drying as much as he could, he put it back together and plugged it back it. And the inverter went nuts again.

A second disassembly and more milk oozed out. Another round of drying and leaving it in the sun to dry seemed worth a try

The next day he plugged it back in and the inverter worked fine.

So what is the lesson here? Maybe it’s do not annoy a cranky and hungry Mrs Ram. Or just stick to the one-way system to avoid problems.

Or maybe our van Sparty is just getting too small to keep living in.

(Don’t annoy Mrs. Ram is always the best bet in my book – Mrs Ram).

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2 thoughts on “Spilled Milk And Inverter Problems”

    1. Often “not helping” is the best option.

      And we still struggle with the “Too much stuff” or “Not enough space”. It looks more and more like “Not enough space.”

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