Everything We Own In A Box On The Left…

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Years of Feng Shui, donations, ebay, Cragigslist, giving things away free and tossing the rest out have led to an empty house, a full van and 10′ x 10′ storage unit (box) for what’s left.

A large section of the storage unit has piles of boxes.  We used bankers boxes that are 10.5″ x 12.5″ x 15.5″  with integral lids.  The small size means you can’t put so much in them so that they are too heavy to lift.  We used to get the boxes that had separate lids but the lids would always find a way to disappear leaving us with topless boxes.

What’s in those boxes?  Books we will probably never read again and clothes that won’t fit when we try them on.

Select wood furniture makes up another large section.  There is our well built bedroom set which  was made by a company that sadly no longer exists – Moosehead.  And a collection of other odd pieces which might be the subject of another post.

A stack of large, heavy boxes have tools I hope I do not need while we are traveling.  Pieces of artwork are boxed and mirrors are protected so that they are hopefully not damaged as we move things around.

Golf clubs, my second bike and our “Weddings and Funerals” clothes are near the front so we can get them easily. Hopefully more Weddings!

We intended to mark every box and have a diagram and spreadsheet indicating where it was in the storage  unit.  Nearly all of the boxes did get marked but I never did make that diagram or the spreadsheet.  I am sure the most interesting boxes are the last ones we filled.  In the last few days we have tossed whatever was left into a box and brought them to storage with nothing marked on them at all.  I suspect we will be surprised at some of the last minute pieces thrown in.

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