Keeping up with the Patriots

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Keeping up with our Patriots can at times be a challenge. Sometimes we are in a condo that has a TV and local broadcast of the game. Other times we are off the grid and our satellite radio is our life line to the world.

We have sat there listening to a game, imagining Tom Brady driving right to left towards the end zone. No matter how well they describe it or how vividly we try to imagine the game, its just not the same as watching it.

We have gone to bars in different places to watch games. We met lots of great people at the Nashville Patriots Club and were invited to the group in Phoenix but never made it. We have also sat by ourselves in bar, the only ones cheering for the Patriots.

And any trip to a bar usually incurs at least a $50 bill for beers and snacks.

This year Mrs Ram decided she did not want to miss any games and did not want to imagine the plays as the radio announcer weaved his tale of the game. She signed up of NFL Game Pass for $99. She figured that as long as we had any kind phone or WiFi we could watch the game. During the preseason it worked well.

Once the regular season started we learned of the catch. You cannot watch the game live. It is tape delayed. Still, watching two games tape-delayed equals the cost of watching one game at a bar. We just needed to not wear our patriots gear for a day so that no one would tell us what a great game it was.

So if we are wearing our Patriots hats, we have seen the last game, if not we are hoping our “cone of silence” will keep us from hearing the latest score.

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