Sparty has a black eye

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As we were driving at night we noticed it was very dark in front of us.  One of our van Sparty’s headlights was out.

Stopped at an AutoZone and picked up a new bulb for $15.  I figured in a few minutes I would be off. 30 minutes later I had the old bulb out but could not get the new one in.  We journeyed on with one light still out.

On line they talked about removing trim pieces and taking the entire headlight assembly out to change the bulb.  This was not a quick, roadside change.

We stopped at Bay Ram in Panama City and they had it changed quickly and we were on our way.

(Note to Fiat/Chrysler/Ram: this is poor design.  Light bulbs fail and need to be easily replaceable.)

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1 thought on “Sparty has a black eye”

  1. At least you didn’t have to remove the engine, or take the battery out, remove part of the frame to get to it from underneath with a three foot socket wrench extension.

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