Trusting Google GPS

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After the Grand Tetons we had scheduled a pack trip that left from Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa.  Getting there should have been eàsy.

We planned on stating at the Pinnacle Campground  near the Lodge.  Google maps had directions that took us to Pinnacle campground over Forest Road 515. When we got to the beginning of that road,  there was snow and a sign that said 4×4 and high clearance required.

Sparty, our van, is quite competent  and he has traversed a number of trails that were supposedly for 4 wheel drive only.

We then noticed the additional note. “If it is wet, do not proceed.” It was wet.

Checking the map, we saw that 515 went out to Brook Lake and then came back to Route 26 maybe 10 miles down.

That end of 515 was drier and Sparty easily climbed to our campground.

The moral of this story is jot to blindly trust Google, or any GPS


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