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For us Nomads the virus has become a cliff hanger.  Some like Fern the Bus have taken the opportunity to upgrade while others like slothhighfive are continuing to move but staying longer in less populated parts of the country.
We came within hours of signing a year long lease on a house in Florida.  I could hear Spock saying something like, “Logic dictates that if the virus is so easily spread, one should stay stationary and limit contact with others.”
After several drinks we both started hearing other voices.  Captain Janeway said, “You can use logic to justify anything…”  And Han Solo chimed in with, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”  Then there was that line from Casablanca –  “Waiting, waiting, waiting.  I’ll never get out of here.  I’ll die in Florida.”  (It might have been a different place in the original line.)
In the end it was that Hal 9000 saying, “I just can’t do that Dave.”  Replace Dave with Mr or Mrs Ram and you get the picture.  Settling down was just not in the cards for us.
But what to do next?
With short term rentals still shut down here in Florida it turned out that our condo was available.  We signed up for another couple of months.  Again we felt comfortable with the germs we know.
And when our time here comes to an end (in this condo that is) we will get back in our van Sparty and head some place safe.  We are hoping that safe place will be in New England and we can check in with doctors, friends and family.
If things have not improved, we will head west like slothhighfive.  The road beckons and we can only ignore it for so long.

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