Finding totality

#vanlife .

After entering The Zone of Totality we passed a number of people who had found a wide spot in the road or an open area and set up camp.  We found our spot n Hell’s Half Acre and waited.

Some people near us had the special glasses.  Some used multiple layers of trash bags and others had drones.  We punched holes in paper and looked at the image on the side of our van, Sparty.  A couple of kids felt sorry for us and they let us use their glasses.


 As the sun is eclipsed it does get darker but the sun is still too bright to look at even when there’s only a tiny sliver left.   You really can’t look at it. The darkness is different from sunrise or sunset because there’s no red tint.  It’s just not as bright. In the last 10 seconds or so before Totality there is a sudden drop in light level. Then the event that would cause chaos in ancient society – Totality. You do get a that ring around the Moon as the sun is in eclipse.  It’s pretty awesome.  The sky does not get as dark as I had hoped.  The sunlight on the sides of the Zone keep the Horizon bright. Ee did see a couple of stars.  After a little over a minute it is suddenly it’s over.

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