A New Year – A New Plan

#vanlife .

When we bought our van over three years ago, we envisioned that exciting #vanlife of being on the move, finding new places and meeting new people.  It was a great plan and for quite a while we did enjoy it  Yet as last year progressed, each move became more of a chore.  The “Where do we sleep tonight” exercise got old especially in the cold of Canada and the crowded wine country of Kelowna.

We have learned to appreciate the value of not moving.

So for this year we will spending longer time in Rentals, Condos, Houses and AirBnBs.

And we are planning on a month long vacation to Spain.

For the blog I plan on catching on all of those posts that I have started but never finished. WordPress tells be there are over 40 of them. And I suspect we will have more thoughts on #vanlife and lessons learned about living on the road.

I am sure for many this still sounds crazy.  For us, we are considering this a year off from the craziness of moving of every few days.

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